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G. Allen Financial is a client-centric, boutique financial advisory firm at its core. We help organize your financial life in a way that feels intrinsically you.

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The firm was founded by Stephen’s father, Gary Allen Duck, in 1999 as a means to help colleagues, friends, and family organize and develop their financial lives. Prior to founding the firm, Gary obtained his Ph.D. degree in Political Science from the University of Washington, after which he enjoyed a long, successful career in information technology management working in the heart of Los Angeles. His growing interest and expertise in the financial markets steered him towards the Personal Financial Planning program at UCLA, and finally, to starting his own company. Gary retired from the firm in 2016.

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Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, University of California at Santa Cruz, 2002

Personal Financial Planning Certification, University of California at Irvine, 2007


In 2005, Stephen Duck joined the firm as Director of Operations. His educational training in the physical sciences helped him approach financial systems technology from a distinct perspective. In his first role he implemented real-time technological processes that increased the efficiency, integration, and productivity of the firm. This allowed the firm to expand its services to additional clients while maintaining a responsive, intimate connection that the firm has always been known for.

In 2015, Stephen obtained the professional CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, and then succeeded his father upon his retirement as President and Director of Wealth Management. Stephen shares Gary’s passion for assisting clients to the betterment of their financial present & future, with a trustworthy and considerate approach that is needed in this highly intimate arena.

Stephen was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He met his wife, Dora, while studying chemistry at the University. His favorite saying when asked about their relationship is, “we met in physics and fell in love in quantum chemistry!”. Stephen has an unquenchable curiosity, and naturally views life as an adventure. Currently, he is an avid cyclist and enjoys high-altitude training in the beautiful surrounding Sangre de Cristo mountains of Santa Fe, NM.

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Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry, University of California at Santa Cruz, 2001

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California at Irvine, 2009

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Stanford University, 2009-2012

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Image of team member Dara of G Allen Financial

After a productive academic research career, Dora Guzmán joined the firm in autumn of 2013. In 2015 she became Chief Compliance Officer, and soon after took on the additional role of Chief Strategy Officer. As CSO, Dora has been instrumental in developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining the firm’s overall strategic initiatives. Her research training and exposure have provided her with a discernible lens from which to objectively evaluate ‘signal versus noise’ in everyday investor behavior. Dora’s level of expertise has been an awesome addition to the firm!

Dora is also a native Californian, born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley. In addition to having been a physical sciences researcher, she is also a glass blower and has enjoyed studying glass as an expressive art form. Currently, she takes great pleasure in learning and practicing the art of classical horsemanship with her adored 22 year old Azteca mare. She credits her husband in expanding her curiosity and love for life. Together, she and Stephen love sharing quality family time, camping, and traveling as much as feasible.