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A successful, long-term investment strategy is not dictated by investment performance and returns alone; the most important component, without a doubt, is mindset. Without the right attitude and values towards a disciplined strategy for long-term growth, most investors inevitably succumb to the inherent fears of market uncertainty or the irrational euphoria with chasing returns.

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The value we provide as a financial planner is exemplified in working with clients that seek a long-term, disciplined investment strategy. At G. Allen Financial, we define true, long-term wealth as attaining a) financial security, b) freedom to choose how your time is spent, and c) achieving peace of mind & personal fulfillment.

This definition is relative, of course. For some it may mean meeting essential needs in life and having just enough to live comfortably into retirement. For others it may include up-leveling their lifestyle over the years or creating an option to retire early. And for others still, this may mean multi-generational investment planning.

However, in all these instances, what it truly takes to succeed is the ability to change imprinted beliefs and behaviors toward investing that perhaps have not, up to this point, proven effective in helping you achieve your financial goals.

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Our style of wealth management uses a total return approach, meaning we employ a bottom-up strategy that manages to your cash needs first. Whether clients are in the accumulation phase of life (working + contributing to their future selves), the spending phase (consistent portfolio withdrawals), have a multi-generational focus, or receive a windfall of cash (e.g. inheritance, your company’s IPO, a 30-year pension payout, profits from crypto assets, and/or gains from a large land sale), we design an investment plan to fit each client’s circumstance.

We fully understand this may be a paradigm shift for most individual investors, and so we take care and time to educate and inform you every step of the way, as necessary.

Over the years we have found that our clients become increasingly empowered as they fully accept the benefits of long-term compounding, and are less swayed by the short-term effects of market volatility. This strategy requires patience. We appreciate working with people that have a grounded perspective on the disciplined effort it takes to stay the course, achieving long-term results over attempting to time the markets.

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We intentionally limit the number of clients to our firm because we value this ultra-focused, high-touch approach to client relationship building. We represent clients all across the U.S. and even some that reside internationally.

Our home and hearts are headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, however, we consider ourselves to be location-independent with respect to our clients. We enjoy the opportunity to travel to meet clients if their needs aren’t met by a phone call, virtual meeting, or email communication. Our strategy is to always retain this flexibility by investing in technology platforms and tools that reinforce our firm’s independence and objectivity.