Wealth Management

At G. Allen Financial, we work closely with each client to delineate their unique goals towards Financial Independence. Our approach to Wealth Management is dependent on a number of factors, encompassing a strategic Financial Plan, implementation of Investment Management and active management of Core Investments.

Financial Planning

Devising your Personal Financial Plan is a core part of our practice. Without the guidance provided by a systematically developed Plan, most clients are less likely to achieve the success they desire. Over the past 12 years of preparing financial plans, we have noted that most people are too busy or hesitant to grapple with critical issues such as:

  • Costs associated with long-term goals, e.g. college, retirement, etc.
  • Current expenses and prioritizing spending in order to save more
  • Reviewing accounts and investment options to ensure they are aligned with their overall objectives
  • Creating an integrated view of all assets and liabilities
  • Reevaluating life insurance and other types of insurance during different life phases
  • Whether or not to consider Estate Planning
  • Understanding how investment strategy and financial goals should be managed

The financial planning process focuses on each of these topics and more. Initiating this process provides a focus and discipline that otherwise may not currently exist for you. 

Investment Management

Your investment portfolio is developed from an initial assessment derived from your Personal Financial Plan. The investment strategy is designed to be intricately aligned with your financial goals. Selecting the right mutual funds and establishing an appropriate annualized investment return target for your portfolio are critically important. In any investment strategy we implement, we must consider risk management to avoid large losses. Included with our Investment Management service is portfolio performance monitoring, portfolio rebalancing, and reporting.

Core Investments

One of the core values of our firm is to construct portfolios designed to ensure the financial freedom of our clients. We consider not only the long-term performance potential of each mutual fund but also the level of risk appropriate for each client. To fulfill this intent, we must select mutual funds that are managed by seasoned professionals who have demonstrated a strong investment discipline and view themselves as stewards of client capital.

We build our Core list of mutual funds by conducting extensive research that includes reviewing historical profile and performance databases, participating in conference calls with each fund manager to understand his or her current thinking, and reviewing in-depth information provided by the mutual fund company. As we add to and delete from our Core list, we assess the potential impact that any changes may have on overall portfolio performance as well as volatility.