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At G. Allen Financial, we believe in building and maintaining a strong client-advisor relationship. Our clients seek more than investment advice, they seek a personalized wealth management strategy, and most importantly, they seek peace of mind. We work diligently to establish trust with each of our clients because we view each relationship as a true partnership.

As a boutique financial services firm, we focus on quality of service and take a holistic approach to wealth management.  To ensure a sustainable and personalized level of service to each individual client, we select clients that value our investment philosophy. Our clients understand that we do not attempt to outperform a particular stock or bond index; we do not engage in market noise or invest in the latest hot topics. Our firm's tried and true success is based on the concepts of financial planning and investment diversification. Our clients understand that we work in parallel with them at every step in achieving their financial objectives. They recognize the benefit of incorporating our firm as their personal fiduciaries to analyze life choices to make informed decisions. 

Our clients are a diverse group. We specialize in providing objective financial advice to individuals, families, same-sex couples, and small businesses. We do not limit our services to high net worth individuals because we value the quality of each prospective client over the quantity of their assets under management.

Please contact us if we may be of service.